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The Kardashians' Secret to Chiseled Cheekbones: Fillers and Contouring

The Kardashians' Secret to Chiseled Cheekbones: Fillers and Contouring

The Kardashians have the contouring game on lock. They contour, highlight, and fill their cheeks with a slew of different contours to get that chiseled cheekbone look. In this blog post we will show you how to do it like Khloe Kardashian.

In addition to using contour powders for contouring your cheekbones, use blush or highlighter in order to give more natural looking definition around your cheekbones. Avoid applying too much product under your eyes as it can make them appear sunken in and dark circles may become more noticeable.


Select the right product

There are two types of people in this world: those who naturally have defined features and beautiful contours, like Beyoncé (she's got great genes), or you; because let’s face it.

The first group is made up almost entirely of models while we mere mortals struggle with highlighting our best asset-the skin under our noses.

Luckily there are products out there for us though - either cream based ones that provide coverage but still allow your natural color to show through OR powder bronzer which can be applied dry as opposed to using any other type o Geoergy Applicator Tube All Over Powder Spray For Face Body Eyelid+Lip.

Contouring is the new normal, and we're all doing it. But if you want to make contoured looks seem natural without coming off as patchy or making your face look too dark (like WTF), then select two shades darker than what's on top - this will help blend into those spots that need coverage without hiding them completely under powder.


Select the right areas to contour

Drawing contour lines is a tricky business, but the world will not turn into your friend if you do it wisely. Make sure that when drawing in cheekbones or elongating nose, all other features stay intact.

Once they're where YOU want them be just use any technique which suits best for what needs fixing on stage with this face of mine.

A little advice from me to help keep things under control: don't forget about forehead size either. This may seem trivial at first glance because there isn't really much going ON up top. But trust me; even though we can’t see faces looking straight ahead most.

This might seem like the world is drawing contour lines all over their faces, but select where you want to draw in wisely.

Do you want cheekbones? Elongate your nose or forehead look smaller?

Once know what shape/style of facial structure that suits best just figure out which technique will work for it.


Select the right tools


Powder bronzer is a process that requires specific tools for the perfect contour.

You need an angled brush, like those found in makeup kits or attars (concealer), to apply powder onto your face and neck where creams would be used otherwise; it's also good with natural-looking shadows around mouth area as well.

For cream products you can use sponges dampened but not dripping wet—just enough moisture so they're easy on skin yet still allow product absorption when pressed against dermis layers.

For the perfect cheekbones, don't use any old tools. You need a specific shape and size for powder bronzer; choose an angled brush or small-narrowed one to contour with cream on top of your face instead.

Because it's a process that takes place in the shape of an object, you need specific tools to do this right.

For powder bronzer use large angled brushes and narrow ones for smaller areas like your nose.

Cream contouring should be done with damp sponges or using other techniques on harder surfaces such as baking pans - if not outright discouraged by experts since they're prone to bacteria growth.


Select the right Blending Techniques

"Contouring is meant to look chiseled yet natural, a fact many forget about and end up with visible lines that look like they've been drawn on by 3 year olds," said no one ever.

"Blending in key so once you've done the drawing of it use your tools for shaping." Don't worry: this will all be easier after we discuss what exactly contour-shaping entails!

First things first - let's talk technique when using cream products such as powders or pats (I'm sure there are other types but these two serve pretty nicely).

This includes choosing appropriate colors based off skin tone then applying them according where necessary before blending outwards with an edge brush.


Follow the 3


The number 3 is a great way to shape your features.

Trace the three vertical lines from the center of each ear down towards where it meets one's shoulders or collarbone, then blend with an bedazzel like brush. This will create shadows that recede naturally into these areas making you look more chiseled than ever before

The most simple trick when contouring involves using just three short strokes: start at either side hairline and drag across temples in opposite directions ending under cheekbones next below jaw line along outside edges iddy nidat mouth.

Trace this shape with the contour stick or powder bronzer from center of hairline across temples and down under cheekbones.

Next apply it onto jaw line- if there are any lines that disappear into darker skin tones then be mindful not only what color they blend into (which should match) but also how light hits those areas so as not create an oscillating effect on either side by using lighter/darker colors next time around; try drawing shadows slightly inward.


If you'd like to check for a bronzer that could help you accomplish this look, we recommend checking out our Bedazzel 6 Color Makeup Shinny Highlighter Palette Glow Highlight.


Looking for a Video tutorial? Check this out too:


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