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How to contour your face in 5 Simple Steps

How to contour your face in 5 Simple Steps

Contouring is an art form that allows you to draw the illusion of having defined facial features. You can do this by using different shades, but it’s not just for people who have a natural tan!

Contouring is actually the art of using different shades to give your face a more defined look. You can create interesting patterns with contour, and we bet you never thought that was possible!

Right Brush. Right Life.

An essential first step of using any makeup product is to use the right tool.

Flat brushes or small make-up brush are perfect for getting those hard-to-reach places and applying powder with precision!

If you're going on a date, don't forget your blush brush and we got exactly what we need in this modern day and age if you're looking for one here.


Choose Your Color

It is important to make sure the colors match your complexion.

If they don't, you might end up looking funny or like a Halloween costume!

Pick shades that will work well with natural skin tones and create an attractive makeup look for yourself by contouring - just be careful not select too dark of colors as this could cause issues on some people's faces due their complexions being lighter than what was expected (elevated levels).


Make Sure to Align Correctly

Just because you have a perfect complexion doesn't mean that everyone else does. Makeup tutorials are meant to be guides, not holy truths! It's important when contouring your face to figure out what works best for yourself and map out the shape of your own features - no one will know how beautiful they look if all their makeup has been put on with google images as reference points only.

Start by identifying where some hollows might lie around cheekbones or high points like forehead/hairline; these areas should get darker contrast shades applied first before lighter hues follow suit according an individual’s natural skintone color.

The key to highlighting your features is knowing which colors will make them jump out and forward, while contouring in dark shades for those areas you want more subtle. You can play around with these techniques by drawing attention where it's needed like an excellent cheekbone or eye socket; distracting from less flattering traits such as jawline fatness.

One way I use my highlighters (lightest) when doing this type of skille sifting - Drawing focus to what we consider beautiful: eyes/cheekbones etc.

It should be no surprise that contouring is all about making your face look more symmetrical. And if you want to do it right, the first step of course starts with figuring out where exactly on each side (or corner) of our faces we need some extra attention!


The 5 Steps To Contour Your Face

Now you’ve put in the foundation work, it's time for a step by step guide on how to contour your face.


Step 1: Discover your cheekbones

To create that lit from within look, it's important to use your favorite shade of foundation. The order for this step is as follows: locate where you want the darker color--in this case my cheekbones-and then suck in with intensity so that even though there are no lights on stage its shining through!

The goal here isn't just having some fun but also trying an experiment or two which will teach us more about how makeup works (hint hint!). But before diving into applying any makeups productively try something new like.

You know that old saying “less is more”? Well, it's true when you're trying to conceal your flaws. Instead of piling on the powder or contouring stick in one go like an amateur grotesquely exaggerating their features with strongstrokes all over face- let us take this simple approach instead:

You'll need a small bronzer/highlight shade at least two shades lighter than what will be appliedto lids as well as something light enough for under brows. Next apply highlight first along hairline then blend upwards towards temple bones using left brush if applying above eye line OR right tool


Step 2: Define Your Features

There's a reason why we call it "the governor." Using your darker contour powder or stick, trace down towards the temples and you'll get that slimming effect on your face. Good for people who have larger foreheads!

Next, carefully apply your brush down either side of the nose. Make sure you keep the strokes narrower and at a shallower angle so they don't interrupt or broaden out into an ugly bulbous shape!

If it's too difficult for beginners, just go with something in between: A longer Brush Up On Mountains Side Of The Nose To Create Width And A Pointier Tip For Those With Short Noses.


Step 3: Define your jaw

A defined jawline can change your complexion.

To get this step right, use the contour foundation on your face using only a brush or stick; make sure that you blend it underneath and onto neck to avoid looking like someone has painted their chinstrap skin tone!


Step 4: The Power of Highlighting

To really take your look to the next level, dust some highlighter along the tops of your cheeks and under eye. If you have amazing bone structure like me then this will bring them forward making it seem as if they were just blessed with good looks!

To add some life to your face, make an outline of each area in which you want the highlighter. For instance: On top and below cheekbones; across nose bridge; at centre forehead between eyebrows (centre). Now when it comes time for applying that perfect amount just go lightly with a brush or beauty sponge!

It sounds like we're telling all our followers how best not only use their highlight tools but also where they should apply them - don't forget these two important details though because while no matter if its subtlety or boldness whatever looks good on someone else might look ghastly applied onto yourself so be careful


Step 5: Blend In Everything

To finish off your contouring, use a brush or beauty blender to work the edges inwards. Tap and circular motions will help blend it seamlessly with foundation - giving you natural-looking coverage that's perfect for any skin tone.

For the narrow areas like your nose, use fingers to squeeze together tip of brush or beauty blender so it's small enough to work.

Contouring can be tricky, but it doesn't have to look like a bad Halloween costume! Blend your contour lines properly so they're not harsh and unnatural looking.


If you're interested in any contouring products, I recommend checking out our product page where we tailor for light skin tones and deep sign tones.


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